Im feeling so alone again. between school, work and covid ma

im feeling so alone again. between school, work and covid making my job twice as hard im feeling overwhelmed. my favorite person/ boyfriend moved away for the next year and a half.we see each other every month but its not the same. he tries to be supportive and get it but he never will. He left for work so i understand but im so angry at him for leaving me when he promised he never would. my lack of object permanence will be my downfall....or maybe it will be splitting. what did i do to be born with a bad brain?

I'm so sorry you are suffering like that. I can relate on some levels. I know it can be so d@#$ hard sometimes. I've been trying to use different "tricks" that seem to get me through at times such as I'll start thinking about something negative over and over so I tell myself I'll think about it later, most the time it works but sometimes I forget to even use that one. Physical activity helps me as well. Do you get much exercise? If not try to get some walking in several times a week. Also look up grounding techniques that helps me especially doing it twice a day.

@Fohb460 i don’t get much exercise at all since the country shut down back in March 2020 i’ve been working from home and i go to school online which leaves little time for other things. i’ve been trying to get back into gymnastics. it was a great stress reliever for a while. I will look up some grounding techniques thank you!