I'm finally entering into the acceptance stage of grief. I'm

I'm finally entering into the acceptance stage of grief. I'm at peace, I feel a weight has been lifted. Lord knows I have many more battles ahead of me, but it's not so overwhelming anymore. I'm learning who I am, how to love MYSELF, and the things that I want out of life. Being alone does have its rewards! I'm strong, all that I have been through and conquered is beyond phenomenal. Just imagine when I finally reach the top of the mountain!!!!! :)

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You are so strong! You inspire me! Xx

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How are you learning who you are and how to love yourself? I'm lost..

@Megangabrielle Yeah for you, Go Girl! Allejulia! You were strong all along, you just had to find it......You have learned who you are, and how to love YOURSELF, and the things that you want out of your Life. Yes, being alone has it rewards. What you've been through, and conquered is phenomenal. So when you find True Love this time, and you will, you will know, and you will enter a relationship, a whole person, an individual, a strong woman! I am so happy for you! Be strong the best is yet, to come..... SG friends are here, to support, and be supported.

I am happy for you. I also reached the stage that I am at peace, I have forgiven her, the divorce papers will be filed today and I am relearning who I am. Still having trouble loving my self but I will get there

Goals! Nice to hear you are doing so well! Love it

Welcome to the universe (to someone who had thought they were not part of it) :)

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