I'm Geo, 39F. I stopped all things sweet a couple weeks ago

I'm Geo, 39F. I stopped all things sweet a couple weeks ago and started a ketogenic diet.

I am an addict, and I cannot do my drug in moderation.

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Welcome. First off try to read the other posts in this group. We have so many right now in the group that are dealing with the same issue and have posted there ways of trying to stay away from sugar. Good Luck xo

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It was just an introduction? And thanks.

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Hi I’m glad to hear that you have found a diet that you’ve found that might help stay away from sugar. Reading about the diet you have started the ketogenic diet can i ask why you chose the ketogenic diet? I’m also an addict of sugar and can not do it in moderation.

I felt it was a logical course to take because it eliminates starchy foods that might feed into my addiction. Also, I had been doing Paleo for months, so I was already accustomed to not eating grains. I just never managed to totally get rid of those butal sugar cravings that would come and go. After not being able to leave the candy bowls alone when I visited my parents at Christmas, I had had enough. I started my Primal-based keto diet the day after with a 21 day challenge. Primal is a bit more flexible on things like chocolate and coffee and dairy, and it encourages eating more parts of animals, like more fat and organ meats. It feels more rounded to me. If I was started from the SAD (Standard American Diet) I wouldn't jump right into keto. I'd go Primal first. Also, I know keto is a lifelong commitment. I will likely be carb cycling for the rest of my life if this works out.

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I’m always looking for a way to stay healthy but I think the Ketogenic diet is a bit extreme for me. I really just need to stay away from sweets. When I have them in the house I will not eat anything nutritious. If i can just get through the store without buying any chocolate, donuts and pastries in the store that would be half the battle :slight_smile:

Hi Geo, I am also doing the Keto diet. There's a lot I like about it although I'm finding it hard to minimize carbs to 20gs/day. How has this woe been working for you? Have you noticed a difference in your sugar cravings?

Your getting sugar craving bc your diet is not addressing unstable insultent levels. You need just a bit of carbs to do that. Best of luck with the new diet. Atkins 40 allows 75 carbs.

PS if u are getting headaches on this very low card diet. Drink salt water or beef or chicken broth. It will help promise.