I'm getting so sick of hearing my dad constantly complaining

I'm getting so sick of hearing my dad constantly complaining about everything I do or didn't do and how he tries to control what I do and how I do it, but right as I say anything negative about anything, he tells me I'm selfish, ungrateful, and I should quit complaining. Yet, he complains all the time too, probably more than me. So it's only ok when you do it??

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No, it's not.

Sigh.. narcissistic parents, the standard =/. don't know how to help, maybe vent out more of your frustration might? my thoughts are that he just wants you to be his little daddy's girl that will never grow up. sigh, my parents also love to say their saying, "in my race's terms", -> "forever kid in their eyes", I am thinking like "What the crap!?", they come up with such bullshit to bind me to their nonsensical dreamland of bullshit just so I would never leave them nor overgrow them in terms of maturity. Sorry to vent a bit too, but yea, you aint the only one fighting here, so let's fight together ^^ and encourage each other. ^^

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emotional abuse. if you can avoid being home, and go to a library instead, do it. Limit your exposure to them as much as possible. It helps to remember that everything he says is wrong with you, is what he criticises himself for in reality. so neither their love nor hate are about you, for narcissistic parents they only really are ever talking to themselves and looking for a way to measure their value at all times. You just happen to be standing there. Nothing, absolutely jothing about them is real. And thats the real mind F.

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@Blueberries1234 So true…, sigh, Narc parents really love to play insane mind games yet blame us for being too complicated, when they are the very being that complicates things. If I am not wrong, Narc parents would tell others that we are not simple creatures when by facts we actually are, it’s always the projection/projecting, whatever they say we are, by actual facts, the Narc parents are actually those that they tried to smear onto us of. disgustingly yet so effective when played at the right time and with the right cards =/. sigh…