I'm going through a really hard time right now. My boyfriend

I'm going through a really hard time right now. My boyfriend and I broke up yesterday because he's going through a really hard time mentally and needs his space to figure things out. We hadn't been together for long, but we definitely both seemed to feel very real and strong feelings for each other. Although I completely understand that someone needs to be mentally well before getting into a relationship and/or continuing one, a part of me is starting to blame myself and wonders if I had anything to do with it. We are planning to meet up this weekend to discuss more of what's going on, but for the meantime, we've stopped all contact with each other and it's left me alone with my thoughts. Now my mental health is declining because I'm constantly thinking about what could be the problem and if I triggered his mental health issues. When I asked him what specifically was problem and what was affecting his mental health, he didn't have a straight answer and says he just feels really lost right now. Does anyone have any advice on how to get through this? Also, would you ever get back with someone after they do get everything sorted out and are mentally in a better place? Or would you worry it would just keep happening again? I'm just feeling really stuck.

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Mental health is a great thing to get healthy before bringing another into your world...its amazing he has shared this with you. I know its hard to end relationships, change them or move forward. You have to stay busy or the self torture head spins are going to suck your energy. Ending all contact is very healthy for you so you can process and grieve :) take this time to talk with your support system and stay active or find something new to do! You can message me anytime....(hugs) keep your chin up and allow yourself to process PS I volunteered for years in mental health you can always chat with me if you'd like

@sun76 thank you, I really appreciate that! The only thing that’s on my mind is he made it sound like he’d be open to trying to get back together again after he gets his mental health in check, and at this point, I’d love to do that, but at the same time, we don’t know how long it’ll take so I don’t want to wait around forever, especially if it doesn’t happen. Do you think I should just move forward with my life and whatever happens, happens?