I'm going to ask my attorney about making a proposal to Stev

I'm going to ask my attorney about making a proposal to Steven and his attorney...I'm going to propose me giving up my rights to Weston if he gives up his rights to Eva and him keeping the 2000 he owes me and us going our separate ways. I'm only going to be able to save one child now, I feel Weston is to far into their grasp to turn it around. I also feel like there is a disconnection between Weston and I...I also don't know if I can handle 2 narcissist in my life. I thought about it all night, and for some reason, I feel at peace with this decision.

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do you think he'll agree to it?

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He's offered it before

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oh well then go for it

Does your attorney think you need to make a deal? Sorry don't know your history just wondering as if you have every chance of winning without giving him then do you have to compromise? (Not judging I had to give in on the money side because it would have cost much more send taken another year or so to fight so I get why you would just thinking don't if you don't have to as you'll be tied to stick to it) xx

I tried this with my ex. His mother is a narc also and she adds fuel to the fire. It didn't work well for me. More of a "Do you think you're just gonna try to con me out of seeing my daughter that I love? (he hadnt seen her in over 3 years, she's 4 now)."