I'm going to make a new thread because this is slightly more

i'm going to make a new thread because this is slightly more specific question on the topic of c-ptsd.
for people with c-ptsd (whether it's self diagnosing after thorough research or diagnosed by a doctor), are your flashbacks more physical/"visual" (visually seeing the traumatic event(s) in your head) or are they emotional (if that makes sense)? how do flashbacks feel to you? if you're comfortable sharing, is there anything in particular you notice triggers your flashbacks? how do your flashbacks affect you (any emotional or physical affects they cause you)?
thanks for sharing if you do <3

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Mental and or physical Stress can trigger disassociation: not being emotionally attached/physically grounded in the present or to immediate surroundings. possibly feeling overstimulated, sometimes a *fight-or-flight-or-freeze*response.

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I can get both visual and emotional ones. The visual can happen more often when I'm going through a lot of stress then it brings it out more. So say I've been going through a lot of stress then certain things I do physically can make me see it simultaneously as I'm doing that action. The emotional feeling I get is can feel physical it's a very scary feeling and can feel exactly what I felt as a child. Sometimes I feel like maybe I'm desensitized to the flashbacks sometimes because it's just part of me but it still feels bad. So I'll have the flashback feel bad then go about my day. My more recent traumas were taking me over more often but I have been getting therapy and learning how to calm myself on a regular basis so I can feel more in control, it's the feeling like I have no control is what drives me nuts so I'm working on it. How about you?

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@Littleturtle1000 mine can be both visual and emotional, and i do get visual ones more often when i’m triggered by something, but i’ve been noticing the more emotional flashbacks lately and they make me feel so much worse than they used to. it’s like i’m right back where i was in a situation that traumatized me, which have been multiple things, but it’s typically my sexual trauma or my other relationship traumas that i’ve had. i don’t know that they’re happening until the physical side affects hit me. i hate it.

So to explain a bit more. .sometimes when i open the back door I can have a flashback as if my body is my abuser opening the door. It's like watching it on video but I can't really see me even though I know I'm there.

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@Littleturtle1000 thank you for sharing.

I'm clinically diagnosed; former medic.
Taking out the trash, got the faintest whiff of a slightly rancid chicken bone. Was hit in the face with a strong smell of human decomp., which lasted for a week.

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@Piobaire i’m so sorry that happened. thank you for sharing, and thank you for being a medic despite the risks and stuff. inspires me to go into the medical field even more.

I personally have very physical/visual flashbacks, when I have them I think they’re actually happening again until I “snap out”. Does this help?

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@Luna7800 anything helps, thank you!