I'm hanging in there, my husband has dementia, I found out a

I'm hanging in there, my husband has dementia, I found out a few weeks ago from the Dr. it did not surprise me, knew something was wrong. I am having problems with him. like today he removed my cook books from the shelf, so he could use the space for his things. moving things around in refrigerator do not remember things. makes grunting sounds off & on. I gets very upset and can not talk to him about it.

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Is he on medication For memory? Has there been any changes to any medications at all? Definitely hard to ration with a dementia patient. Sorry this has inflicted your loved one.

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Yes, he is on Aricept for memory, he has been on it for a while, in fact Dr. has increased his meds. to take twice a day now. he was put on some meds, 2 times for anxiety & mood swings, he has refused to take them, says he does not need them. not working. goes back in 3 months, guess there is not much they can do. just have to learn to live with it, which is hard. I know, my mom had it. Thanks, for answering back.

@Shirley.PC I haven’t been on support groups for awhile now, but I sure can relate to what you are going through. I took care of my mother for 9 years; she had severe dementia. It is a long, hard road. You try to be good to yourself, and come here often.

Dementia is rough on everyone. It is merciless, and certainly exhausting. We are here for you.

Thanks, I am sure I will be needing someone to talk to. as I said, it is a rough road, everyone seems to be so busy with their problems. and they have no time for other things. any way I am trying to hang in there. & take one day at a time not knowing what is going to happen next.

If the medication change is new, maybe let the doctor know of these new behaviors. Sometimes changing the subject with the loved one/patient is a way to distract from a negative mood.

Hi shirley.pc, how are you? are things stabilizing at all since the medication change?

No, just taking one day at a time, just found out he has to have knee surgery do not know when yet. now this, fun, fun besides he is a ornery person to get alone with. now this, OH BOY!!!

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Good luck.

One day at a time is our motto, dementia is heart breaking. My husband has vascular dementia, fully aware of his personality disorder, paranoia, aggression, lack of balance and frequent falls. Once I get him out of the house he can be sweet, but he prefers to sit in his chair all day with his service dog on his lap. Every few days there is a new digression and way I have to approach him. On lots of meds so he is no longer physically out of control or aggressive. But often very irrational.

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@RNSueFitz I am hoping you are getting some “me time” in often. Please take good care of yourself.