I'm having a bad night. I was doing so good & I feel really

I'm having a bad night. I was doing so good & I feel really weak tonight. It has nothing to do with me wanting him back or anything in that regard. He was supposed to give me more money out of the flex spending account for my therapy sessions & now he is refusing to. He's actually just ignoring me and not following through with what he promised. I set some of his stuff out on my porch Sunday in exchange for him giving me more money for my sessions. He said he would get it to me this week. I msged him today and asked if I could please get it and he is now ignoring me completely. So I ended the messages with telling him that I will not do a dissolution we are doing a divorce and he is taking half of the cc debt that we incurred after the marriage on our honeymoon. I was feeling so strong. Now I feel like I'm ready to go crazy. I feel like I've lost control again and he is back in control. I think he knows this and he's enjoying it. I also feel like he knows therapy was helping me and he's trying to stop me from getting the help that I need. I can't stop crying tonight. When do the mind games end?! I just want to stay in therapy so that I can heal & he knows that I can't afford it out of pocket. I hate him so badly. I feel so close to raging right now. I hate him.

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This will all be a distant memory before long! I know your struggles if that helps at all. Sometimes knowing others endure the same thing helps me.. As messed up as that seems. You aren't alone in this!

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@Blessedgirl505 thank you. It’s just so frustrating. I’ve tried to be civil & give him the things that he’s asked for & yet again he’s lied to me. I know it’s just a way for him to still feel some type of control over me. That money is part mine but my name isn’t on the account because I wasn’t able to get off of work the day he opened it. So he has $4500 flex speding account with nothing to spend it on & won’t give me $65 so I can continue my therapy. I have so much hatred for him. I wish I didn’t feel this way but I
cant help it right now.

Never let him see he has got you angry or sad. Gray Rock. If you must communicate do it by e mail or short texts. Quick to the point. Just facts no emotion.
Even if you are hurting.... Don't let him know. That's where he gets your power... Take back your power and your life. You are worth it

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@Tyebee you’re exactly right. I wrote a “letter” to him last night as a means of release I’m going to share it with everyone. Hopefully it can help someone else.

I'm sorry for what you're going through. Everything is manipulation with people like him. I would cease communication and have your attorney deal with him. Hang in there

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Agree wholeheartedly. Even though it’s expensive going through attorneys it prevents all that emotipnal drama that drains us and feeds their power. I wish I would have learned this very early in my divirce process. Could have saved a lot of hurt. Do no contact if you can. It really will help. Best of luck. Been there. I know how hard it can be

well he sees a gorgeous woman he once had some form of control over and no longer has any power. Good for you jade

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@Ck80211 thank you. It’s so frustrating at times. I just wish he would be an adult. He’s with the girl that he’s been cheating on me with. I’ll never understand why he wants to keep punishing me. Makes me
Feel insane to try & understand it.