Im having a lot of anxiety from what’s happening right now

Im having a lot of anxiety from what’s happening right now. I wake up in fear even though I’ve relocated away from my moms. This morning I threw up I think from panicking. I wish all this would be over soon. I’m getting more n more paranoid I think. I question if what’s happening is actually happening since so much stuff seems to be happening at once. I wish things would get back to normal soon so I wouldn’t be so fearful. I feel like I’m being targeted my scammers, n my neighbors. I feel like I’m possibly being followed still sometimes. I get angry at my neighbors for possibly doing what I think they are doing which is break in my house n stick dead rodents in my attic. I had pest guy come out... he said there’s no access points for rodents to get in like that. I got real nervous for minute n took that as warning or something like threat to my life. I just feel like too much is happening at once. Even going to work is stress... I’m worried of getting virus there. I feel like everything in world is about to fall apart or something. I look around at my neighborhood today n I felt like... are they gonna break into my house again when I leave? Other day there was a withdrawal slip on my kitchen counter from months ago from my bank. I never keep that long and I never leave ok kitchen counter. I feel like that’s sign that I might be financially targeted by my ex. He used to stalk me... he would know how to hack everything now. I want to get better security but I also don’t feel like paying anything online is safe right now with the amount of phishing and hacking I’ve noticed recently. I pray n try calm down. I think one thing is I got to exercise more for stress. I guess one day at time. My friends and even people that I try to help me try to avoid me like that plague thinking I probably have the virus since I recently got tested, and my profession. This gives me more anxiety because I feel like if something were to happen people wouldn’t come help under the circumstances out of fear getting sick... wish all this would be over soon.

Hi Foundlove, These are crappy times, there's no way around it! Sorry you are feeling ever more anxious. So sorry you were so anxious that you threw up. There is a lot to legitimately worry about, like getting sick and who will take care of you. But there are more systems in place all the time, like more masks, more testing, etc. I do agree with you that the stress is making you a little more paranoid. Like, I believe the exterminator when he says that the rats can't get in. I agree that exercise is really good to reduce stress. Also there are a lot of free online videos specifically to help with anxiety during the pandemic. I just googled "increase calm corona" and was pleasantly surprised. Wishing you more serenity as the days progress.

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@L2015 thanks… my stress is literally wondering if there’s group involved willing to harm me or something for my money or property now I’m stressed about my family getting targeted. I know it seems crazy but I believe my phone has been bugged by members in my community. I’m trying to deal with all this best I can which is to just not do anything important on internet anymore. I’m trying trust god and pray

Sorry, I didn't realize the bank situation was about identity theft. That is a big stressor even during good times. Hope you remember to keep breathing! You know doubt shorter inhales and longer exhales and pauses before next inhale to increase serenity, right? Have a good night.

Just follow up... my credit score is 0 maybe... not sure if that’s real or not it probably is... I guess that’s what has been going on but I’m not sure how to report now who I think it is... I don’t have proof of it but today I found second mail key on my keychain.... I thought I only had one mail key, what is going on? I still don’t know. I guess this is gonna turn into a years long investigation. I’ve been trying to protect my information that I believe is already compromised. Well I guess my fight was lost before I ever begun... I can’t believe what’s going on. Be careful what you click on... I’ve noticed phishing and a lot of people closing account and stuff

Oh dear. That sounds awful. Sounds like you don't trust the phone because you were maybe intercepted. And you don't using email because hackers and phishers are picking up info. And the banks are closed. So you feel stymied. Actually the banks around here are open; I hope yours is so you can go in and talk to someone and get this straightened out.

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@L2015 I’ve been going to the banks so much mainly bc I’m worried what might be going on. They probably think I’m just losing my mind… sometimes I’m wondering if I’m just losing it… but I’m just having a lot of stress. I have clue this might be related to my ex husband because today I found an extra mail key on my keychain with little light on keychain broken. Couple weeks ago I found withdrawal receipt from about the time I stopped talking to him last year. I don’t think I changed keys to my house and I definitely didn’t change keys to mailbox. I should’ve. These are all small things that I can’t really report it to police. … but it’s like enough to let me know he’s after me. He’s dangerous person. I was worried about who married him last year. I’m not sure if he’s still married or what. I thought well I haven’t heard from him so nothing to worry… we’ll now I’m worried he’s been stalking me. I’m not sure if my credit is really zero. I have to figure that out. I guess if it is…the effects of that will be lifetime. I’m not even sure if my ex still lives in my state or not. I’m not sure how to figure that out. I never pressed charges against him but it still shows up on internet his case. He used to know who I was talking to and what I said. I never knew how he did that. I believe it’s because he knew about some kind of technology. I’m afraid now with everything going on he might be desperate for money or maybe he just realizes he could get rid of me now more easy

Hello. I am terribly sorry to hear that you are experiencing anxiety at this time. Please know that your mind is having a very valid reaction to the current state we are living in. These are some scary times. The virus is certainly not just creating fear, it is also sending waves of panic and anxiety as we try to navigate our way through the uncertainty and pain. I am definitely feeling the effects as well and I thank you for being so open and honest about what you are feeling. I am saddened by your declaration re your ex. It is quite unsettling and hurtful when the people we give our love and trust betray us. I cannot speak to whether or not the act was actually done by your ex as I don't know the back story here. However, I do know that in your current state of mind (anxious etc), it is quite easy to conjure some scary scenarios. You also stated that you suspect your neighbors of trying to violate your space by breaking in and placing dead rodents in your attic. I suggest you look into it, if you can, just so you know how to proceed. The investigation might also put your mind at ease a bit. If the act was done by those you suspect, then you can take action. If you can find no evidence of this I suggest you try to put the issue to rest so that you can function at a healthier pace.

I hope you are keeping up with some breathing exercises and helpful mantras. Reach out to a friend if you can or family member. You would be surprised at how supportive they are! Also think about whether or not people are truly avoiding you or perhaps based on how you are feeling you are unconsciously pushing them away.

I wish you all the best. Stay safe. Not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well!

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@Annakaythemermaid thank you… I’m not sure yet how to do the investigation of rats. I have to call inspector I believe, which they are unwilling to even come in house bc of the virus. The current situation is making things difficult for me to get things done and make things secure n safe. The only thing I can do is pray and just try my best every day. The worst part is my phone has been acting strange. It’s like doing things I don’t want it to do and now. My ex was very smart w technology and knew who I was texting and what I was saying to people. I never understood how he could do that and I would question my sanity. I question lately now. I’m realizing my ex may have access to my house and my moms house still for months. The worst part is he doesn’t care about me at all. It’s not like he’s obsessed with me or anything. I think he’s doing all this just to get me back because how I called police on him. They charged him I think without me pressing charges but in my ex mind me calling police alone is enough reason I think for him to just get me back. I feel so dumb to not change locks and secure things after I stopped talking with Him. He might’ve bugged my house. I’ve found like little cork or something on floor in my house. It looks like it was in ceiling of my house. I can’t keep up with everything. I’m exhausted from stress. The police didn’t do anything much except take down what I said and I’m not even sure if they are really going to be able to do much. Even if I came to conclusion that someone placed rats in my attic purposefully I wouldn’t be able to prove who… I feel like I can barely function everyday there is something. Two days ago I noticed my garage door is chiseled at but I literally just placed police report like day before and we’ll they wouldn’t be able to do much I guess. I think yesterday I found receipt for gas In my car from 9/2019. I know since then I did a detail cleaning of my car. I don’t understand how that receipt is there. I don’t actually keep receipts for that long. Plus I don’t recognize the credit card number… I think my ex is leaving me clues he’s been following or checking up on me and for this reason i feel like maybe I gotta disappear. I’m afraid if I try to disappear he would hurt my family. The only thing I could find out about him is he surrendered his license… that’s about it. My neighbors don’t like me I think bc of him. I believe they have been actively and aggressively trying to make me want to move and harass me. I think between my ex possibly following me to everyday there’s something suspicious with my house to the fact that possibly my neighbors harassing me… I might have breakdown. I am trying best not to. I want to get cameras up but I’m scared of scammers or someone stealing my credit card info and too much unauthorized charges. It’s like nightmare lately I feel like I can’t keep up.

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