I'm having a weak moment ! I hate that I have these viruse

I'm having a weak moment !!! I hate that I have these viruses . I'm horny. I want to have sex with a guy. It's been 8mths since I had sex last. I have a toy but I don't want to use it cuz I feel dirty. I would masturbate but I don't want to touch myself because I feel dirty. I hate when I get horny . But I miss putting it to use. No one wants to have sex with me and it sucks! I took advantage of the doc offic and took the free condoms , lubes, dental dams, and female condoms ! I'm gonna put them in my car so I'll have them just incase I get lucky. But ugh it's have to fight the erge

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It's really hard, I think everyone would agree. But as harf as it may be, sex isn't everything. Just keep waiting, do what you have to do to keep yourself satisfied for the time being, and when it's meant to happen, it will. He's still out there for you (: Don't feel dirty, you're not. Can't let yourself feel like that

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Thank you ! I'm trying

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condoms in a hot car are more likely to break... Just because of a virus you can still masturbate. If you can't please yourself, and see yourself as 'not dirty' then how will someone else? I've only basturbated a few times in my life but I still feel beautiful and capable of having sex. I have been diagnosed 11 months and I've had sex sense having herpes. It will happen for you! :) Nothing wrong in pleasing yourself in the mean time! :)

@Brandi_lynn_18 thank you well they’re in my purse now. And yeah I wouldn’t put it in my car

Don't feel bad about doing your self. Some times we all need it. Go on the dating site for positive people. You can look for mr right or mr right now what ever you need and you up front that your positive so you don't have to have "the talk"

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Lol okay thank you !!'

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@DanceBee Stay strong DanceBee i am having a week moment too so I will have your back.

There are dating sites for people with stew. May be easier to find someone who does want to have sex with you online

I'm scared

Dance I feel the same way, you are way to young to be talking like that

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@Smilingdealing thanks

Remember the right person is out there, u may not find him where u are looking right now but he is searching for u as well

@Smilingdealing thanks! I hope I’ll be able to see it and not brush him off

hang in there girl you will find someone that will see past all that!!!!! And want you no matter whats going on...<3

@Athena0730 thank you !!!

Dance keep your eyes and heart open and you will find him

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It sucks how many of us weren't completely careless with protection and we somehow got some sort of virus, it wasn't our fault...

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Becca I still have no idea how I got this my psych told me it is not important now. Still I will wait and hope for a cure or functional one and learn to forgive myself