I'm having such a hard time with anxiety. I can't go

I'm having such a hard time with anxiety. I can't go outside, go get groceries, go to a store. I'm terrified someone will talk to me. I can't even answer my phone these days. I'm constantly making my boyfriend upset with me because I want him to take me out and even go for a walk with me but he's too tired after work and will not ever go out with me.

Hi Blue Irish,
Are you feeling depressed? Are you feeling unworthy to talk to people. What is it you fear about talking with and dealing with other people?
I believe people are just mirrors of each other. When we see something we do not like in other people. It is because we see it in ourselves. You spot it you got it---
Any thoughts?

So what does that mean? I see something I don’t like in other people because I see it in myself. Sorry, I’m not catching on to what you mean. I fear people…NOBODY fears me, only takes advantage of me or rips me off, so I don’t understand your concept at all???

Hi Blue, You have what is called social phobia, where it's difficult to talk to people. I understand because my daughter's have this problem. Sometimes we are just really shy and have fears getting in the way of moving forward and taking risk.

Evolo25 is just saying, we are all human... some of us are more brave to move passed our fears then others and some of us HAVE practiced over and over again with people (which we are mirroring behaviors). We just become fearless with experience.

You can do this...as my daughter's can do this...

Well, I have 50 years of experience........... You'd think by now I would have gotten over this. Especially since all the groups and classes I've had. :(

Well, I would say, that you have serious anxiety issues and need to seek professional help along with medicine...and if you've had that, you need a second opinion because you can get better...Good luck.