I'm honestly scared at this point. My situation at homes got

I'm honestly scared at this point. My situation at homes gotten more rocky. Dad got pissed that I had not finished dishes (I was working on it, I had left for like 3 days twice in a short span of time and wasn't home to do them so the dishes he used piled up becausehe apparentlydoesn'tknoe how to do them himself) apparently it pissed him off so much he decided to take some cooked rice I made for lunch and throw it all over my bed. I got home the day after and found about half the rice that my dog didn't eat had dried on the bed. I got most of it off but there's still starch on it that stresses me out every time I feel it scratch my skin. To add on to that he keeps making advances on my mom which is making her incredibly uncomfortable plus stressing me out because it's bringing up memories of my rapist. And I can't even find comfort at night. He'll either wake me up because he's pissed and needs me to do something, he's pissed and all the noise he's making wakes me up, or arguably the creepiest he'll just stand in the room and watch my mother as she sleeps. It's like some horror movie level creepy stuff. I'm just stressed they he's gonna snap one of these days and hurt us

@Alecinsomniac This honestly sounds like a horrible situation to be in, and it sounds like your dad might have anger issues and lets it out on you. Are you and your mom able to stay somewhere else? Friends or relatives house? Have you tried to contacting police or anyone about this?

@KFH520 yeah he definitely has some bad anger issues. He takes it out on everyone in the house but I’m definitely the main target, which while not fun it does keep him from screaming at my little brother all that often. We don’t anywhere to stay at the time being, most of my relatives are probably gonna take my dad’s side in this and won’t help us and my mom’s relatives all live 5 hours away. Which them living so far away wouldn’t be such a problem if my dad didn’t keep the keys to all the vehicles we own, we have no way of getting out if we don’t ask him first unless we have a ride from another person. We’ve told select people but we haven’t gone to the police, we’re afraid of the backlash that will come when they talk to him. I would go to them if I had anywhere to stay in the aftermath.

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