I'm hoping for some advice from guys that are further along

I'm hoping for some advice from guys that are further along in their transition than me... I've been wanting to get a proper stp/packer for a while, but it is a lot of money to spend on something I can't even see before I buy. The Peecock seems to be recommended, has anyone tried that or something similar that they'd recommend? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks guys

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I wish I had some knowledge to pass on about this, but I am clueless, just wanted to say hi and wish you a beautiful week!

@CKarma thanks CKarma. How are you? Hope you have a good week too

YouTube and Tumblr are your best friend for Binder and packer/stp reviews!!
I haven't heard great things about the peecock although they have released a new one (I'd look that one up). For an stp I would recommend EZP if you have the cash or just for a packer the classic mr limpy n such like that. If wanted for other purposes maybe try FreeTom

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@Pheønix-Capheus hey welcome to SG. How are you? Thanks so much for replying, I’ll check those out. I’d rather spend more and get something I’m really happy with, it’s good to get the recommendation though.

You're more than welcome. I'll be getting a FreeTom soon'ish so I'll let you know how I find that

@Pheønix-Capheus sound, thanks :slight_smile: