I'm just beginning the process of changing genders. I have t

I'm just beginning the process of changing genders. I have told all my friends and family to call me Aiden. For the most part my friends have been awesome. My father on the other hand is set in stone. I've been outwardly presenting as male for the last 1 1/2 mo ths. I've never felt so free. I'm having trouble with my fiance because I know with his mental retardation he doesn't fully understand. I hate knowing that as I move forward with my transition I will probably not be in the sexual relationship I'm in now with him. That's just eats at me every day. But I know this is what I want and need to be myself.

Your fiance doesn't understand what you are doing? How will this play out?

It's great that your friends are good with it, and that you're feeling good in yourself with the changes you've made. It must be tough that your fiance doesn't really understand, I hope you can work things out with him. Do you think he'll be able to understand and accept you?

He sorta understands he knows that I'm starting T. And I will appear more male. He says he's ok with it, but I wonder how much he actually understands. He did make the comment that he was going to teach me how to shave. So maybe I'm not giving him enough credit.

I have talked to my father today. He was a bit confused but said we will continue to work on this. I also am taking a break from my fiance. I told him I needed time to discover who I am as a male. That includes starting to pack and bind.

Glad to hear your father's at least willing to work on it, I hope he'll come to understand. That might be a good idea to have the break... let you and him have a chance to get to know Aidan and see how you feel about the relationship after a bit of time. Let us know how things go

Will do. This is going to be a long process if my father decides to not be supportive.

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@Aidenlehr I hear you mate. my mother keeps trying to convince me I’m not actually trans… it’s tough dealing with an unsupportive parent