I'm just so paranoid that I'm gay. I know that sounds sooo s

I'm just so paranoid that I'm gay. I know that sounds sooo stupid and there's no reason that I should be scared or whatever but I just don't want to be gay. But I've thought myself to death so now it's in my brain that I am gay. I don't get butterflies at all around guys anymore and I'm soooo freaking depressed everyday): I just want to sleep all day everyday. It's making me truly hate life. I'm so scared someone save me from my thoughts right now please. Message me anyone!

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You've got a friend here. First of all, I'm guessing you are female? It depends, I believe, partly on how you were raised. Were you raised around guys to where you just feel more comfortable around them? Do you feel butterflies around other females? Maybe start a journal and keep notes on how your days go. Make note of how you feel when you see a male or female and take time to listen to what your heart and brain tell you about how you may feel toward each sex. I hope this helps some. Good luck!

I am female. But I have HOCD....reading your comment gave me anxiety haha

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Don't keep a journal. You shouldn't be analyzing your attractions. The more you think about your attractions to men, the less you feel or you feel anxious. Let things happen and be patient.

Thanks Bria! How are you doing?

:) I'm okay, better than what I used to be. I can't stop thinking I'm faking this though and doubting that I have ocd. I keep thinking that I made the symptoms of hocd fit me or that I made myself fit the symptoms. I also wonder if I started to feel certain worries after I read about them or before. Last night I dreamt that I was being cuddled by a guy I liked but I felt guilty because I already have a boyfriend but then I started making out with a woman. I wasn't anxious about making out with a woman in the dream but I felt guilty again in my dream because I have a boyfriend. I stopped making out with the other woman and then started to wonder if I liked it and then I started to wonder how two women would have sex when there would be no penetration. NOw in my waking hours I'm wondering why I didn't freak out in my dream, why was I so calm about it.

Hey ladies I don't want to get between you.. Or do I wink wink...