I'm making a huge step tomorrow that will change my life for

I'm making a huge step tomorrow that will change my life forever. I'm so scared. How can I call myself Down a bit

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Try a youtube or spotify mindfulness meditation. I don't have any specific favorite- i always just pick the one that is the number of minutes i think i can do. Sometimes it's a four minute , sometimes i can make myself do ten or more.

I’m working up to a big life change myself. Stay strong, stay grounded.

Who says I'm doing the right thing. I'm so scared

@Sufferingrisa, Yes, exactly. Some people act like if we rely cared and tried we could know the future and eliminate all doubt from our choices. Psshhh. No, there is doubt and there is fear. Those are signs of life. Just don’t let them paralyze you.

Take deep breaths. Inhale through your mouth, hold, and exhale through your nose.
Calming music, maybe even a warm beverage. Don't drink alcohol- it's a depressant.
you're doing what's best for you, you're strong. You need to do this for your life to be more positive. Deep breaths, think positive. Think how this can make your life better.

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But maybe I'm doing the wrong thing. How can I knowwww