I'm new here... and I don't really know what to say but I feI'm new here... and I don't really know what to say but I

I'm new here... and I don't really know what to say but I feel a binge coming on and I really need help. I don't know... I just constantly need something to chew on and its terrible

Take four slow deep breaths: Inhale to a slow count of four, then exhale to a slow count of four. Repeat three more times, then come back and talk.

okay. thank you. I did that and made myself some tea. I do that a lot, but my tea method is really temporary because there's nothing to chew on :/

@iswearitried Great! Binge eating often begins because the individual has attempted to loose weight and is using restrictive dieting. Our more primative area of our brain sensing a potential starvation counters with strong food urges. In time, food restriction followed by bingeing behavior slides into a full blown binge disorder. Another possibility is since eating food has always represented a form of comfort in our lives, when we experience tough issues, face feelings of stress, sadness, boredom, anger or agitation, many choose to "comfort themselves with food. Over time, this can develop into an eating disorder. Why do you think you’re using bingeing at this time?

well I just recovered from anorexia... so I guess that's a reason? And I find I eat whenever I'm bored which kind of sucks. I also emotional eat/stress eat so like if I felt like I did bad on a test or something the very next class I'm just eating all period.

@iswearitried Congratulations on your anorexia recovery. We see many here that have had anorexia challenges only to begin binge eating. I suppose all the previous restrictive dieting is a major contributor. As frustrating as binge eating disorder recovery is, I’m sure that your recovery journey for anorexia is even more difficult, so you can do this. Again welcome! From what you’ve said about yourself, finding a healthy alternative to eating when you feel bored or are having stress should be a primary goal.

Hi! I'm new here too. I know how you're feeling. I used to severely restrict the food I ate and now I have binge eating problems. I think it might be that now I feel guilty when I don't eat (thinking I'm falling back into former ways) and I feel guilty when I do (because those self image issues haven't gone away). It's so frustrating. It's nice to know that others are experiencing the same thing though.

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@ellapdx Yes! Exactly! I’m so glad there’s someone that’s going through similar issues. Do you have any good coping mechanisms? Mainly, I just drink tea or lemon water or gum to try to ward off binges… but it doesn’t always work :confused:

@iswearitrid One thing I've done recently is try to learn more about food to reduce my fear. There are some fun podcasts out there that are fun (though not specific to BED) and that have made me more informed and less afraid of things like fat (http://daily.barbellshrugged.com/the-window-of-gainz-episode-178/).

Also, I track my food (by which I mean, I've done it before and it has worked and I am just starting again today now that I've had a few relapse days in a row). Using My Fitness Pal, I enter what I would like to weigh and set a long time frame for the goal (i.e. 10lbs in 5 months). It'll tell you how many calories to eat. For me, latching onto these numbers means I will be OK. I just have to make sure I don't go drastically under the number. I'm not trying to beat them, I'm trying to match them.

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