I'm new here, hello

I'm new here, hello

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Hello, how are you today?

I'm ok.
Here is my story in a gist. I found out my husband of 2ys (together for 9yrs) had an affair with another woman who was 7hrs away, for almost a year ! I found out through an annoymous package that was delivered to me with pages of their detail conversations... I confronted him, he admitted to it. As soon as I found out he ended it immediately. She would drive down the Wknds once twice a month during his drill duty (he's in nat.guard) so yeah I had no idea ! He left for deployment in sept. And he said he tried to end it towards the end bc he knew it was wrong. The whole year I was undergoing fertility treatment and for preg in August before he got deployed ... This has been an emotional roller coaster for me, I've loved him for so long so it's hard not to but I hate him for what he did. He says he will do anything in power to get me back, but given the situation it's hard bc he is overseas. I'm heartbroken and I'm seeking help from friends, family, God and a counselor... I want to believe him but I'm so hurt considering I know so much details of His affair...

@Maryc1981 sorry this is happening to u. My husband and I just had a baby. I’m sad and feel lost also. At least he admitted mine didnt

My heart says one thing and my head another, I've talked to this woman and clearly she's crazy bc she would bring her 15yr old daughter along with her on her trip. She knew he was married and she was married too... She always seeked him he never drove to see her... And on top of that before be got deployed he went to visit his dad in Peru in August. When he was there he made out with a random girl, I found out bc his iPad syncs with his iPhone and he left his iPad so I caught him and confronted him... I talked to the girl he kissed and she claims that is all that happend... He could of told me then about his affair but he didn't. He could of given me an std or got the other girl preg.
Ugh I hate him in so many levels but i want to move forward bc being upset and hurt doesn't do good for me or my baby...

@Maryc1981 I’m so sorry you are going through this and pregnant. It sucks big time believe me i know. My husband admitted to me his affair (10-24). He didn’t have to but he had guilt build up and he told me. It doesn’t make it better for us at all. It must be extremely hard because he is deployed. But in a way i think this break is good for your mind frame. Not seeing his face might help you heal just a bit and try to be healthy for your baby. Unfortunately you have to try and calm down and not stress because thats not good for the baby. Since my husband and i are so close to dday everything still hurts me, but i am determined with God on our side that we can work this out. That we can be us again, but better. Does he want to be with you? Is it really over? Its a long process and its not going to be easy, but you don’t have to make a decision now. Just think on it, most important pray on it. I pray that God helps you find the path and answers you are looking for. I know that he would rather us try to forgive then to jump for divorce, although infidelity is a deal breaker. Im praying for you. You have to think about baby right now and take care of yourself (although its easier said than done)

Yea it's a blessing he's not here so I can have time to heal. He wants to be with me and says he will do anything to win me back, I'm the one who is unsure. He's been going to church over there and seeking God as well. I have faith in God that he knows what is best for me and I pray to to find peace and forgiveness...
He claims he didn't want to tell me because he knew I was fragile since I was undergoing fertility treatments. And he says that he tried to end it slowly with her but she kept brining her daughter in the picture.
Doesn't matter if he tried, truth is he didn't until he got caught! He didn't have the courage to tell me I had to find out from some random person who sent me the package.
I'm suppose to be happy and enjoy my pregnant yet I feel like he's robbed me from it... He seems remoursful and sorry and is trying to get my trust back by giving me his passwords to everything, it's just hard to trust anything he says... I just have to wait to see him and he will have to prove with his actions ...

Thank you !

I'm sorry to hear that, is he denying he cheated ? Do you have proof ? Mine couldn't deny it because I had the proof and he wasn't expecting me to find out. Not sure who sent it but I think it was her since he was tryin to end it.

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wow. that's...incredible

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