I'm new here. I was diagnosed with anorexia in 2012 after st

I'm new here. I was diagnosed with anorexia in 2012 after struggling since 2008 with my weight. I would go days without eating and would just eat cuppa soups. My weight got down to 5lb 13 and I was quite poorly. I recovered and gained weight, start of 2015 through to summer I weighed my heaviest, 9 st 6. Well since start of October I've relapsed bad and I'm now 8st 4 after just 1 month and a bit. I'm not happy but I'm not happy because I want to loose more but I'm worried over Christmas I'll gain weight! I want to be 6st 12.

hugs and support to you. This time can be triggering for many, however this group is filled with an amazing bunch of people who are focused, and devoted to beating this and recovering. I am glad you are here with us, we are here for you.

@Aura82 you got that right!

My lowest weight was 83lbs, my heaviest was 138lbs in summer 2015. And I am now 117.6lbs which I've lost in a month. I want to be 85.68. I'm not getting any help, I did have a eating disorder therapist in 2012/2013 but I stopped going

@littles why did you stop going? welcome to our group. you will find the support you need.

My lightest weight was 84 and heaviest was 108. I had maintained 105 for a while but This past weekend I've relapsed a bit and am at 100. I keep wanting to go to 94lbs..

@Janedenali19 why is that? that is a unhealthy weight. I know I have been there already.