I'm new here... its been a long journey but yes I am indeed

I'm new here... its been a long journey but yes I am indeed... still here. I got out of rehab not to long ago and I just cant help myself the percocets are controlling my life. I tried heroin, xanax, cocaine, meth, ketamine and successfully beat the addictions thankfully but yet I don't plan on quitting. Its just so hard... Literally it is so hard like ugh :( It doesn't help that I've recently transitioned and have had a hard time making connections which of course brings me here. I would just like some nice, hard and of course tough love but at the same time soft and warm welcomes... Please help...

It's never easy fighting but I think you're actually one of strongest person I've seen, for you to be able to beat the addictions. I'm truly proud of you.
If you're able to do that then I'm definitely sure you can keep it up. You're not alone in this, I know it's not easy but you're stronger than you think.

@Eriya Thanks Erika! Muahhhh ;'3 There’s been a lot of help in these groups its good to know there are people out there that can give me a hand on this big issue that I’ve been handling. So many sticky difficult situations have occurred and sometimes I feel like I should just swallow and succumb to the truth and the fact that I’m doing better… sigh