I'm new here... just think I need a little up lefting

I'm new here... just think I need a little up lefting

I am new too. I am lonely and down but l know there'salwayscomfort in numbers:-D

How long have you been pos?

Over 10 years since my diagnosis. God knows how long l had it. I have had depression in the past. I think it the loneliness and isolation l created for myself that's getting me down and l don'tknow howelse to get myselfout of that rut

Hey there! I'm pretty new too, love some of the folks on here! Kind of taking it one day at a time,and working hard to focus on all the good in mylife!
Focus on the good, and use that energy as an uplifter!

Well thanks

Wow.. I've been diagnosed for 5 yrs now.. I'm having a rough time here lately I stop taking meds for 4yrs!

Why did you stop. Did you agree with your doctor? I have to say l am not very good with my meds but l try to take them on fairly regular basis. I have made a discoverythat if l stoptaking my medicationas prescribed l have terribly painful skin outbreaks and for that reasonl try to stick to my regime. It's not easy to takemedication daily but if needs must then we have to. There are now much easy to take and easy to manage regimens that might be easy for you to manage so it might be worth your while to speak to your doctor about changing.