I'm new here so might as well introduce myself. My name is I

I'm new here so might as well introduce myself. My name is Isabella. 26 years old, suffer from asthma. Married to a guy who is jobless and is extremely abusive one moment and the next really nice but not before hurting me. I have a 1 year old daughter.

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Welcome to SupportGroups - please continue talking, know many here understand. Hubby is passive aggressive? Have you considered researching other options for you & baby, just to empower yourself & gain much needed knowledge from this unfortunate situation? Tell hubby to "STOP", give him your bottom line, tell him to seek help before he totally loses everything. I'm sorry for the pain you've endured.

@April No not really he just gets angry when he doesn’t get things done his way. I literally work all day just to keep him and my daughter well fed so it gets hard to get everything done his way. I have told him to stop and he promises every time that he will improve but he doesn’t .

Welcome to this site, It is good you are coming on here to express what is going on. i am so sorry to hear what you are going through. That is what an abusive person does, they promise to stop and they don't. i agree with April, give him an ultimatum that he will lose you if he doesn't get help. If it gets really bad stay with a family member or friend until he gets help. No one deserves to be abused. Maybe losing you and the baby is what it will take for him to stop and get help. I'm on the site a lot if you need to talk, you can message me.......

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@dmp8772 im thinking of telling him that this time

Am sure theres something in his past history driving his low esteem & then he projects his resentment on to you. Have you ever discussed him seeking one on one counseling for guidance/self help advice if affordable? Am sorry he's driving a wall between this relationship, it can be emotionally draining.

@April He has not had good relations with his mother since he complains that she was never there for him . I have told him that ill afford his counselling but he says that i just sound like his mother she didnt have trust in him and i dont . So really dont know what to tell him .

hopefully, yes, but no guarantees, gotta consider whats best for you & baby long term. I admire you for talking about it & an "ah ha" moment will come to you in time. Your doing a good job, please know that.

Isabella, I am also an asthma sufferer. As for him, I know having a baby makes it harder in your mind to leave, but if you have anyone else you and baby can go live with, you need to leave. He isn't working, he is abusive to you, and how long will it be before he is abusing the baby? Let him know that you aren't going to wait until it's too late.

@Jayanna I’m going to give him a chance because he really begged for it lets see. If he doesn’t improve then I’ll leave him.

Welcome Isabella. I'm sorry for what your going through.I hope you find the strength for you and baby is best. We are here if you need any of us.

@arlette79 thank you