I'm new on this but my boyfriend who I'm engaged to is a her

I'm new on this but my boyfriend who I'm engaged to is a herion addict and just recently went to rehab we don't get much support at all and I'm looking for someone to talk to

Heroin is a horrible addiction, and i advice you to also post this post in the heroin section (if you did not do so already).

The first thing is to get yourself properly informed.





Second is to read self help books on the subject.

The Big Fix: Hope After Heroin


Painkillers, Heroin, and the Road to Sanity: Real Solutions for Long-term Recovery from Opiate Addiction


Addict In The Family: Stories of Loss, Hope, and Recovery.


Raising Drug Addicts: A Father's Account, with Lessons Learned and Sections by my Daughter from the Orange County Jail


Also be very careful not to get sucked up into that black hole. Remember, don't help someone at the cost of destroying yourself. However, if you read the books and the guidelines you will be much better able to cope with it. If your bf starts using suboxone and stays out of a hostile environment, there might still be hope for him. Although you always will have to remain careful for the rest of your life that he might relapse, then the whole bandwagon starts rolling from all over again and again he will have to go through rehab, etc etc.

@xylitol Thank you for the advice I will most definitely read them and get a couple books to read.

Hey! Welcome to SG. *hugs* I know this is a tough time for the both of you. Just a year ago my bf had entered rehab for heroin addiction too. None of my family knew & very few friends, I had to lean to here for support & seeked a therapist. How have you been since him entering? I'm always logged on if you ever need to talk to someone, here to help ease your mind & emotions through this time. (=

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@iMissyou89 thank you for replying! We haven’t told very many people either it has been rough since he left I know it’s what’s best and he needs to be there it’s just hard. My emotions are all over the place and I’m scared he’s not serious about it and isn’t gonna stay long which is what he needs.

Just take it easy, try not to OVERthink. The worst has already happen. Is this is first time entering rehab, did he wanna go in and get the help. If he did then have some confidence in him that he really wants to turn his life around. Also in this alone time for you, I'd suggest working on yourself as well. I read a book called "Codependent No More" by Melody Beattie. It was very helpful especially during that alone time without him. We have to work on ourselves just as much as the addict so that we aren't an enabler anymore and we have to learn how to let go of resentment and the pain. It will forever be there but in order to move forward with our spouse we gotta learn to let go & live day by day.

Thank you I will definitely look into reading it! I'm trying my best but it's very hard not to over think it's very hard to let go of the resentment and all the pain the addiction has caused both of us but it's very tricky

Trust me girl I know lol I am still working through my anger and resentment towards him and what he's put me through. Rehab will be teaching him alot of reflecting, guidance and how to take each day at a time. At my bf's rehab saturday was the day I could visit and before seeing him the rehab would set an hour for us family members to talk about ourselves, how we have been since our loved one has been gone, the changes we so far see in our loved one and etc. Try and see if your bf's rehab offer's the same (=

That sounds like a great program I hope they have it!! It would help me a lot!!

My boyfriend and I have been together 12 years. He's been in prison for heroin related things since 2009. It's a tough fight but every day I believe our relationship is worth working through it. Some days are way harder than others. -hugs.-

@ChaoticUmbrellas hugs to you too! I hope this rehab works so we can have the best possible relationship and have a future