I'm new to this group, but have been struggling with acne fo

I'm new to this group, but have been struggling with acne for many years since a very young age. I am going to a new dermatologist today and, since all other treatments over the years (lotions, creams, and antibiotics) have't worked, am looking to go on accutane. Does anyone here have any experience with accutane? Any advice?

It works wonders. My fiance was on it. You've got to be very careful though as it can really mess with your emotions. He was very suicidal and basically cryed over everything. On the bright side, his acne went away!

I'm sorry to hear that you too are suffering to cope with your acne. Unfortunately I have been there and I'm slowly but surely clearing my skin but it has taken me thirteen years. I would try one more thing before resorting to acctuane... just because I have been on it and while it helped, mine isn't completely gone, which leads me to believe that the cause of my acne is still present.
There are a number of things that can cause acne by- I'm sure you know some of your triggers. But when it gets to years and years of acne and into your late twenties, there is definitely an underlying cause. I would recommend that you seek out a highly regarded nutritionist and have an allergy test and if you think necessary ask your local doctor to rule out the possibility of polycystic ovaries (if you are female). There are a few more things you could do yourself first before committing to accutane. Take a look at my blog and see if it relates to you. There may be a really simple answer to treat your acne before taking such drastic measures. I hope that helps :-)

@beautifulbybreakfast Since I first started getting acne almost 8 years ago, I seemingly have zero triggers related to diet. I have eaten like junk or a health nut for months at a time and my acne has remained unchanged. I truly believe my acne is genetic and hormonal, as the only “spikes” in acne I get are around my period. Thankfully I have now committed to accutane and will start next month, and I am excited to finally resolve my acne once and for all. Truthfully, this new dermatologist was shocked I had never been prescribed accutane before. Fingers crossed!