I'm new to this. I've never been good at discussing my probl

I'm new to this. I've never been good at discussing my problems as I've never wanted to burden others with my issues but I've never felt like I've been in so much pain before that just keeps coming and coming. The man I've been in love with since I was seventeen, eleven and a half years now told me as nonchalantly as if he were going out to buy some milk that he just doesn't have any feelings for me anymore and I was unaware there was even a problem beyond that we hadn't had much time to spend alone these last few weeks. Every breath is a labor and it feels like someone has their hand wrapped around my heart and is squeezing as hard as they can every second of the day and I can't seem to even function in normal every day life without bursting into tears. I can't even hear "I love you" from my family without breaking down because they just aren't the ones I want to hear it from right now. I can hardly get out of bed in the morning and it just feels like my soul is dying... I still love him like I did ten years a go and while I want him to be happy, the thought of that not being with me is too much to handle right now. How do you do it, what is the first step towards not crying almost every waking minute of your day over someone who doesn't love you anymore?

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First thing you need to do is let yourself feel your emotions...cry, cry as much as you want and need. Its going to hurt a lot and you are going to have moments where you feel stronger than others. Take your time and take care of yourself!

I'm trying but my job is literally to take care of others and that takes a lot out of you sometimes both emotionally and physically and I'm finding it hard to even do my job anymore.