I'm new to this site, and I'm hoping to make some friends. I

I'm new to this site, and I'm hoping to make some friends. I live near Walt Disney World in FL, and with a Mother holding an important job at the park, I find myself there nearly all the time. I love the parks- all four of them have something that makes them home to me. Everything except the hundreds of thousands guests roaming the grounds nearly 24/7! I can just never adjust to the amount of people streaming in and out everyday. I hate the crowds, but without them, the park feels empty and distant. I don't know what to do, my mother performs in front of millions of people a day and is perfectly fine. I seem to have missed that inheritance.

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Hey there, welcome to SG, this is a great place to give and get support. Crowds can be really anxiety producing, but please don't compare yourself with your mother, she is a different person that you. There are things you do that your mother would find difficult. You are amazing, worthy and wonderful.

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@Aura82 Thanks, but I wish it was true. People ask me all the time if I have “performer’s blood” like my mother, and if I’m going to take a job as a face character like she is. It’s so embarrassing, I’m Autistic and even having the conversation about me performing nearly brings me to tears.

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