Im not as crazy as I thought i was!

I always thought I was a bit crazy because when I go out in public I feel like everyone is watching me and I would have little panic attacks and overanalyze everything. but i did some research and found that i have social anxiety disorder. It describes exactly what i go through. I really thought i was losing my mind. hope it helps some of y'all too!

Everyone is capable of getting nervous when in a socially awkward situation. And many people worry about giving formal presentations. Some people, however, suffer more than the occasional jitters. People who are socially anxious are excessively fearful that others will criticize their public behavior. They worry that they will appear inarticulate or stupid, or show embarrassing signs that they are anxious or weak. It is this feared disapproval from others that causes their distress.

The socially anxious person seeks ways to avoid this risk whenever possible, feels significant anxiety long before the event, and continues experiencing anxiety and worry throughout the performance. After the event, he analyzes his every move and negatively interprets the response of others, even though the "performance" might have been the simple act of eating a sandwich at a fast food restaurant.

Almost all socially anxious people fear public speaking. The four other top ranking fears are: eating in public, signing one's name or writing in public, using public bathrooms and being the center of attention.

When facing a feared situation, the socially anxious person experiences many of the same worried thoughts and physical symptoms as those during a panic attack. However certain bodily symptoms -- rapid heart rate, trembling voice, shaking hands, sweating and blushing -- are more common and can be more distressing because they might be seen by others. Some people, when they become extremely anxious, will feel as if they can't move their body, like they are frozen in place (called atonic immobility).

hey holly, of course you're not crazy.
i developed anxiety a few months ago (not sure exactly what type of) but i can certainly understand how you feel, thinking everyone is watching and judging you.

do you get any help for it?


I holly
I can truely understand where you are coming from. Recently
I have been social anxious. Every time I have been out I have this panic that every one hates me and that I am ugly and making people shy away from me. Its A strange feeling thinking every one deosnt like me but You are not crazy I dont think I am crazy for being like this.
Hope you manage to get some help with this. :-) a smile a day helps you wotk rest and play .