Im not entirely sure if I have anger problems because I don'

Im not entirely sure if I have anger problems because I don't usually get angry but when I do I can't control it and I have to take at least an eleven mile walk to calm down

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Maybe you explode because iy is bottled up for so long? If you can release it in a healthy way, as you go, then it won't explode. It's like an active volcano that finally erupts

But it isn't good for me to get angry like at all like I get upset but angry I their people punch people take long walks I've scared people and if I can't physically touch them then I know how to mess with someone mentally only my family can usually get me like this I think I have a real problem though

I also have a bit of paranoia so I don't like doing that and burning it doesn't really help

@LonerLeo I’m worried though that I’m gonna hurt someone when I’m not thinking but I also kind of like being angry nothing else really had my attention

I guess just when I get mad like that it doesn't really resolve them

@LonerLeo - working out will assist yet you need to find another outlet, another form of expressing yourself, one that works for you, find a good coping skill, along w/working on communication skills, that way as you develop/evolve you’ll have greater effects for coping. Ever hammer nails in a 2x4 if you can’t take an 11mile walk? Get a handle on this, you don’t want to be on medication for high blood pressure when your older, read self help books if necessary, find what works for you.

I'm doing a project that is due tomorrow but I can't focus because I'm mad at what happened today and I just keep thinking of ways to get even and I know it'd be bad to follow through on them

@LonerLeo Don’t follow through on your thoughts your a better person than them don’t be like them be the higher person by walking way

@LonerLeo - something happened in your past thats pushing your rage, its needs to be addressed before something awful transpires, you need to feel comfortable in your thoughts, I'm so sorry you feel stressed, I hope you keep talking here, it helps later. ever consider individual counseling if affordable? You need a soft place to fall, please consider it.