Im not important to anyone anymore

Im not important to anyone anymore.

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Make yourselves important. People will always need others. It is how we are wired.

@Peteroo8. I would rather b alone. People are narrow minded egotistical idiots.

I'm sorry you're feeling that way, friend. Please don't be hard on yourself. You're precious and important no what matter what issues you're facing. Take good care of yourself. I just said a prayer for you, and I hope that God will surround you with comfort and peace. Hugs.

I feel exactly the same way maybe we can be unimportant together?

Tired of being alone. Thinking about starting a meetup group in my area.

@Kate67. Where are you from? I live in Pennsylvania the Monroeville area. Im looking for support groups to go to for my bf.

Hi Angel270108'
Im in New York. That would have been ideal to start a group an get together. you can also check out the groups in your area. Let me know how it works out

@Kate67. I have been trying to get to a support group with my bf. He’s got a son that severely hooked on everything including heroin. My bfs son was born with severe mental illnesses plus he was also diagnosed with schizophrenia. He will be 28 in December if he makes it that far . He will not work he will not do anything all he wants to do is party he has been in jail four times already rehab 12 times 10 times suicide attempts nobody wants to do anything. His girlfriend overdosed while he was in jail and died another girl that he dated she’s on life support where does it end where does it stop. I am trying to get my best friend the dad to go to a support group to see that he is not the only one dealing with this but we have had other obstacles in our way but I’m hoping this week we can go to a support group and get information. I am trying to help my best friend out in any way I can but it is so frustrating watching this and like I told him I understand this is his son his flesh-and-blood he loves his son dearly but you have to walk away from this otherwise the Sun is going to bring him down

Yes, I understand it's really hard to watch someone self destruct. Hopefully he will attend a meeting an see he's not alone

@Kate67. He wants to go to a meeting but there’s been too many obstacles in the way lately. His son has been saying he’s going to rehab for the last 3 weeks since he was released from jail but it’s all talk. All he wants to do is party. I wish i knew where he could b placed permanently. It’s different when ur young there r places but when ur an adult where do u place an individual?? My bf is afraid of the retaliation. We can’t even go anywhere. My bf can’t go c his daughter because he can’t leave the state because of the son. What do u do???

Not sure. What does your bf want to do?

@Kate67. You can't provoke the Sun and anyway he is very kvolatile. The dad never thought it would get this far but I did tell him a long time ago it was eventually going to get really bad. The dad wants to get to a support group we just have other issues going on right now. Vehicle that the sun drives is registered to the dad. The inspection ran out the end of August so he is riding around on bald tires basically and no inspection I told the dad last night just deal with the Fallout as best you can. I'm going to go talk to a State Rep soon see if a facility can eventually be built for people like his son you can't survive in the real world and they need constant supervision. I would like to get a facility built it would be self-contained the Outer Perimeter would be living quarters and the in side so to speak would be the work area garage shopping Etc self contained a literally Hospital Pharmacy different Wings to this place like I used to have a long time ago only to treat people with severe addictions and severe mental illness I don't know if it can be done but I'm going to try