I'm not sure how to tell my parents they're putting me throu

I'm not sure how to tell my parents they're putting me through torture by calling me their "Lovely Girl" I'm not a girl. They won't listen because they're Transphobic, I have no one to talk to.

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I hope someone from the transgender community reaches out to you here. It must be so isolating when you're in the wrong body and the people you love don't want to accept that. I have a child who was born male and at this stage he's wearing dresses and likes feeling feminine, he may get to a point where he identifies as female and if he does it won't make one iota of difference to my love and acceptance. At that point my child will be female and I will finally have a daughter! I wish you way more than luck X

@Daystar Thank you! I hope your daughter is happy

@CKBlossom Well I’ve talked about it and they’ve said things like “Oh stop being silly” or “You’ll grow out of it soon” . I’ve heard them saying things like “Trans women are so wrong and trans men are just lesbians” or "My daughter may be autistic but if she’s saying she’s male I’ll go crazy.
My brother used to make jokes, but has now realised and stopped.

I support you man

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@TimeLordObsessed Thanks!