I'm not sure if I am infected or not. I see Obgyn tomorrow

I'm not sure if I am infected or not. I see Obgyn tomorrow. The anticipation of finding out is stressing me out. I'm having suicidial thoughts bc I don't know how to deal or have anyone I can tell. What do I do? What was anyone's first symptoms of virus? What did the lesions look like? I'm scared. I need advice please!!!

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Mine looked like pimples with white stuff, itchy and burning when pee, pain in my throat. As soon as my dr saw it she knows was herpes, I feel so sad tomorrow I'll get my final diagnose. Good luck hopefully you dont

Go to herpes.com and there is helpful info therr. Everyone is different but can be tingling and lesions can be like pimples but sorer. And can hurt to pee.
there is no reason for you to have suicidal thoughts it is a virus it is manageable and you can get on with your life there is no reason why you cannot. it just means some changes when it comes to Relationships but there are more people accepting of these days so don't think there is any reason why you cannot have a fulfilling life

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There are 2 white lesions could this be it?

Where are they? When after sex did they show up?

Mine were like that too and Dr as soon as saw me she knew it was herpes, she did a swab of the blister and blood test cuz i have in my mouth too, cuz i was burning when pee and she gave me some pills, acyclovir and Friday the were gone of my vagina area not in my mouth, I still need to know what kind of herpes I have tomorrow will know I'm very nervous about it

Like 2-3 weeks after sex and they are kind of on the inside

Sounds possible. Did you ask the person you had sex if they have it