I'm not sure what to do please can some

i'm not sure what to do please can some one help me..... ive been wid a guy for over eight months now..there is this woman his supervisor who emotionally blackmails and torture both of us. me and my boyfriend has been growing up very strongly and this stupid woman is asking him to break up with me. he cant ditch her bcz shes his supervisor. and shes sending i love you messages to him as well.shes mesging me in the fb and telling me to leave him alone. please help me i'm mentally drained and have no idea what to do.

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Can he look for another job?

no hes doing his mphil research.

Is there someone at the top of the chain..above her?

I feel she is calling your bluff..she thinks she can act despicably and push you both around because she thinks you will be too scared to do anything. If I was your boyfriend I'd make a formal appointment to see the person at the very top and let that boss know she is harassing you both. Keep a record of the things she is doing and write the date beside each thing so you have evidence. Good luck.

yes i kept everything wid me, but the thing is everybody on top of her are her friends,....so even if we complain nothing is going to change.....do you think i should breakup...but i cant i love him so much and i think hes my soul mate....

He might need to look for a new job

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