I'm pretty certain I have a shopping addiction. I am house b

I'm pretty certain I have a shopping addiction. I am house bound due to disability and unfortunately most days coming down stairs and seeing i have a package is my highlight and brings some happiness but its getting out of hand

I can understand wanting something to brighten your day, could you maybe make something, are you crafty? Then you could sell via etsy and maybe that would help you find a way to spark some joy in your life.

Why do you think it is getting out of hand? Are you spending too much or have too many things? Also, maybe you can spend some of your time rearranging your things, turning some things into projects, selling things you no longer want or donating old things. This is what I do and it helps me stay busy sometimes. This said, there is nothing wrong with feeling happy when you see a package but try to balance it out with some of the ideas above.

I don’t have a disability like you do, but I am sick a lot. When I had shingles I made themed gift baskets for a craft sale. It started out just fine, but I ended up making 70 of them when I needed about 30. I sold the extra on Facebook Marketplace. Then a “friend” told me about online auctions, and now I can’t get off of them. When I’m home and bored, sick, or lonely, I have quit reading, reaching out to people, watching movies, etc. I shop at online auctions. My daughter and I are starting a resell business on eBay and should be starting in a week or so, but we have enough inventory to last for two years, and I can’t seem to stop. It’s all I want to do. When I’m doing something else, I just keep thinking about how long it will be until I can shop again. Please help!

Hi my name is Glenda. Im glad im here. I have alot of stuff to bc i cant quit shopping. Most things i buy i think they will help organize and some things do. But its so hard not to. I have an attic full of tubbs i need to go through and my husband gets mad and criticizes my belongings. Ive tried selling but not much luck. I have a disability also not physical mostly mind related. I have been homebound alot no one to hang out with. My husband went back to work so im pretty much alone. I love painting with Acrylic Paints but here lately im so mad at myself for all my spending my heart just isnt in it . I need another avenue and not Amazon! Help !! I was out of debt no im back in it ! And stress is not helping