I'm probably more or less just venting, but I'm having a lov

I'm probably more or less just venting, but I'm having a lovely 'loud day'. Has been just over a year for me, high pitched, constant in both ears and quite often loud. Today prompted me to ask, sorry if it's in the threads already, but does everyone have a different pitch in each ear? Loud days make it more noticeable to me, right ear is high, but left is really high.....

interesting question! mine is the same in both ears, and also having a bad day with it

Sorry for the bad day. Putting mine to rest soon, couple of sleeping pills and early to bed.

My loud day is every day and it's a combination of at least two tones continually warbling in the background. They're at the level where low sounds are, so I miss what soft spoken people are talking about. I also get "attacked" if I go to an event in a building with bouncy acoustics. Imagine a gaggle of people all talking loudly and the sound bouncing in my ears.

@Shareenc interesting. I only have the ringing, every day, but the bouncy acoustics and missing what people are saying I totally get

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