I'm really f*cked this time. Somehow my friend's girlfriend

I'm really f*cked this time. Somehow my friend's girlfriend went apes*it on me through Messenger, threatening me that something would bad happen if I continued hanging out with her boyfriend. She has Covid, so I guess I need to be ready for self-defense, because she'll probably kick my a**. Oh the drama...

Have you told the guy about what she is saying to you?

@Jordan5683 Yeah. Turns out my friend (not him) was the one who told the girl.

Would you consider sending her a message and apologize for all the upset. Briefly explain that you are not interested in her boyfriend and you won't be talking to him any more because you don't want to cause any problems.

@Fohb460 I have tried, but she wouldn’t listen. This really p*sses me off.

So are you sleeping with or flirting with her boyfriend?
Maybe they have trust issues, or she does.
You could lay low and let that relationship destroy itself. If he asks why you are staying away, just tell the truth.
This is just something to think about. Best of luck.

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@105 No, definitely not sleeping or flirting with him, at all. I probably do think that she’s the only one who’s very insecure and has trust issues. I might have to tell her boyfriend the truth, but that will be a very risky decision, because there’s a big chance that she’ll attack me. Thank you.