I'm sad because I had to end ties with a guy who had thought

I'm sad because I had to end ties with a guy who had thought of me as a FWB, despite being a virgin at the time. I did not want to be that because that is not what I wanted, but he made me change my mind. Fifteen months later, he's content with his girlfriend, and I'm hurt by it to the point I cry. I even let him know how I was feeling, but he did not care. I'm afraid that if I meet another guy, and decides for us to be FWB, then I can never be more than those three cursed words.

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You'll be ok you'll meet a guy who wants more be patient and strong

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I was with this girl for awhile I love her and she knows I do she called me an fwb but that didn't stop her from running back to her ex she told me she would never date a co-worker and that he was the love of her life and it's like did the last few months mean nothing to you I wanted to tell her and then to add insult to injury she told me it's my chose to stay friends with her or not he beats her up to and she would rather be with that then with someone who would treat her like a queen

@Greencow Like him, it’s her loss. However, knowing that she is being abused, you should call the cops. No woman should let a man hit her, even if she’s in love with him. Seriously, that has to stop. That’s not love.

As for me, despite telling me he had three girlfriends before me, I was disappointed that he wanted for me to be his FWB. I even told him I was a virgin at the time, but he still insisted for me to be that, saying it will be fun. Yeah, only screwing me twice and cancelling whenever I wanted to see him was not fun. That’s not how my first time should be. I did not want any of that. Bloody used me to get what he wanted, and now he’s with some girl that he proudly shows off to everyone while I have to hide in the shadows, not letting anyone know who I am. He even wanted me to keep it a secret from everyone, but what’s the point?

sad part is i cant call the cops until he does something and even then she wont support it and ill look like the jealous ex

There's this great moment in The Office that I think of from time to time to help me get over this girl I really had it bad for and couldn't get it just right between us. Dwight is asking Phyllis's advice on how to get back together with Angela. After Angela turns down Dwight's ultimatum, Phyllis tells him it's time for him to move on.
Dwight says "Okay, fine. I've moved on. Now how do I get her back?"
Phyllis: "Well Dwight, I don't think you do. I think you've got your answer."
Dwight: "Wait, that's it? That's your advice? I thought you had some kind of big master plan."
Phyllis: "Well, I just think we all deserve to be with someone who wants to be with us."

That's the important part at the end. If somebody doesn't want you the way you want them, if it's hurting because somebody is trying to force something that seems a little off, let go. Learn from it. Understand that if somebody doesn't want you the way you need them to, then they just don't fit the bill for that particular position you want filled in your life. My problem is I turned this girl into a fantasy that just wasn't realistic. I wanted so bad to have a girl very much like her in my life and for us to take care of each other. I let my imagination run away from me, and we can't even be friends anymore because of it. We didn't communicate as well as we could have and she has flaws just like me. And I've been working suuuuuper hard at improving myself away from those flaws this year. And I've been doing a good job. And you know the more you take care of yourself and be true to yourself the more people similar to you, who would better fit that bill, will flock to you and want to be with you and around you. And you'll be stronger and more badass for having been hurt. And you'll find somebody really special who you never thought could even exist before. And it's gonna be so choice. I'm kind of choking up writing this cause it's still fresh and I miss that girl. But things happen for a reason. /end rant

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@Paul123 Thank you. I deserve someone that is super proud to have me as his girl. I know it will happen. Right now, I have to focus on being happy as a single woman.

I know that and I know it's over its the getting through it part that is the hardest

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@Greencow Same here. It sucks. Love is a pain.

I don’t want her to wound up in the hospital. My older half sister was in an abusive relationship. It’s not worth it.

Be proud of your choices and who you are and just love yourself first! Eventually the right man will come along and appreciate everything about you, but don't feel bad when others can't see things the way you do.

You want to hear something really pathetic I bought her birthday presents she hadn't gotten back with her ex till after her birthday I got her a vinal purple rain soundtrack and the purple rain movie cause she loves prince and the color purple stupid right silly me for getting thought out gifts and I got her a card with a kid on the front picking his nose and on the inside it says picked this card for you and I wrote her a note which I feel really stupid for writing now it say no matter if your 22 or 102 you will always be beautiful to me and whatever the future holds or you I have no doubt that you will do good things and no matter what happens you will be my beautiful and forgiving (her name goes here) always yours Tim

@Greencow she never got any of it by the way

Yeah and the sadness that comes with being a poet

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They say that guys forget things but that is seriously bad and me I have a hard time learning but once I learn I never forget i remember my exwife's birthday it's July 19 1980 the ex before this one that I'm getting over now I remember our anniversary date november 26 2008 and I remember when me and my current ex got together it was April 25 2016 My dad passed away almost 14 years ago it still hurts especially cause I know that he would have fallen in love with my son like I have. i blame myself to this day I think if I had stayed in town I could have prevented my dad's death