I'm scared, really scared, nervous and panicing. I am having

I'm scared, really scared, nervous and panicing. I am having a dull pain in my right breast since the pasy few days and I do feel that it's lumpy. I just touched around my right armpit and when touching, there is this one place where I can feel the pain which is not present when I' m not touching. I am just scared shitless that it might be cancer since I have breast cancer in my family history. Due to Covid-19, we are in quarantine so I can't even get myself checked out about it. I'm just fu*king scared and have no idea what to do, except waiting for quarantine to be over and then go to the hospital.

Have you been called your Dr office and talk to the nurse so they can ask the Dr if you can get in for testing? They evaluate case by case don't assume they won't. Give the nurse a detailed description of your symptoms to tell the Dr.

yeah, tomorrow I'll be going to the hospital. I don't know now. I just talked to my dad and even he is worried about it.
Let's hope things are okay and that it's not cancer as I'm fearing...

I am so sorry you are experiencing this fear. I know it can be a very scary experience but let me assure you there is hope. I am a breast cancer survivor and so is my daughter. Our’s is not genetic it just happened to have worked out this way. Having a good attitude really is half of the battle. My daughter went thru all the treatment protocol, I did not. She is cancer free (8 years), I am still dealing with a low cancer count but am well on my way to healing (3 years).

My prayer for you is that you are able to seek God’s guidance in all of this. Let Him be there to comfort you. I am praying for you. I am praying that you will be able to rest in Him no matter the outcome. I am praying for you not to walk in fear but in hope. I am praying for good doctors, who will give you the right options for treatment and respect your choices. I am praying that you will experience His love in a new and very special way. God bless you.

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@hsgramabrenda thank you for the boost of confidence… it really helps. Got a mammogram scheduled for the 7th of may. Let’s pray and be positive about it. :heart: