I'm seeing a psychiatrist to see if i have BPD because im no

I'm seeing a psychiatrist to see if i have BPD because im not sure if i actually have it, but im currently in a relationship and i don't want to be. I used to love them then now i suddenly hate them, they didn't do anything wrong either but i feel like they're using me. I told them this and they wont leave, im not sure what to do. It's like i take all their tiny flaws and make them a huge deal. Should it be like this? Will it always be like this?

Being confused about who I can trust and who not
There is a great book " walking on eggshells ". People don't know how to deal with borderline personality disorder....... Us and "them". Haha. On the internet there is many videos on BPD. There are 6 or 7 questions about what you behavior is. To determine if you have bpd. If you can't find anything please let me know
I will list them
There is a great book for people who have" over magnification ". Make a mountain out of a piece of dirt. Don't sweat the small stuff. -. Richard Carlson. PhD.
In my opinion -- get the people who think that you are nuts to read the 2 books. And get a life. And back off. We don't need to be pushed. Has the opposite effect. For me especially. Remember. EASY does. IT. Try not to be overwhelmed.

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@Blakeh thankyou, i’ll try the books and videos. And the questions

Sounds good
To get a grip on this it takes time and knowledge. One thing that helped me with the overwhelmed state. Feeling lost. Ice cube in each hand. Calms me down. U can go as far as eating ice cream and get a brain freeze. Ice water dunk my face in. It stops my panic or crazy feelings

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@Blakeh thankyou! I might try the ice cubes, maybe eating them aswell haha. But idk what would help relationships