I'm so beyond irritated! My sister asked me out of the blue

I'm so beyond irritated!! My sister asked me out of the blue the other day, "so are you turning into a boyish lesbian?" I responded with "I don't know, I'm just being myself" then she says "thats a yes then". Then just barely my mom asked me if I cut my hair short so other people would know I like girls.. Wow! Really? My own family!! Just let me be me ******! Its hard to love and accept yourself when you're own family brings you down.. Gah :(

No one deserves such harsh treatment. Loving and accepting yourself is a must, even when others who don't understand the lifestyle treat u so rudely. You teach people how to treat you. Don't accept anything less than what u deserve. Hope this helps.

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@Chrisrun thank you!

Just b YOU and don't let anyone take that away from u. Btw how did the date go?

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I understand it's tough to be around family that brings you down. I feel for you. Sometimes it may not even be worth responding to them, they want to get a reaction out of you. If you're comfortable with who you are then that is all that matters. You don't have to live life to please others, you just have to live it meaningfully for yourself. Those who matter will join and share your journey with you.

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ive been through this and its hard but your folks will come around it might take a while but they will... trust me I thought mine never would and they did. (; you should respond to my message we can talk!

Ugh...I know how you feel. My Mom asked me the same thing about my hair and for a while she wouldnt let me dress like a "boy". She made me dress girly until about May. She was afraid I would be called a "****" in a derogatory way. But lesbians to lesbians it isn't offensive. I am a stem. (a mix of **** and femme) I wear boys basketball shorts and nike graphic tees
one day then I'll wear jeans and button up shirts. Anyway...I gets better. Hope This Helps!!! ^_^