I'm so depressed angry. My body is changing so fast. Its di

I'm so depressed angry. My body is changing so fast. Its difficult to KNOW your brain and body are being effected by virus and doctor refuses to give antiviral. I see so many peoplein the herpes group get antiviral but I don't have consistent oral breakouts, in easy viewable sites that 'justify' the doc giving me antiviral Rx, do my standard hsv 1/2 tests come out positive. I now realize my red "rosacea" face is immune response. Its so sad/depressing and frustrating. It is such a shame that doctors just let us suffer and die of this illness. This illness is costly in so many ways! It really is a shame not to be given antiviral. There are studies that show others with antiviral treatment recover memory. Its so shameful and depressing.

....nor does blood work show hsv 1/2. I can't even write straight anymore! Ugh

I'm sorry u r going through that w\ yor Dr. Is there anyway that u can change to a different Dr? I have learned over the years that Dr's do things in different ways to treat the same disease. I will keep u in my prayers!

Thx. I’ve had 3 or 4 docs now that tell me same thing. when a doc asks if they can talk with your other providers or your ER or treatment office asks you to sign ’ a share your health information’ you become dead in the water… Life hard lessons to share here. Life is depressing when the world is against u… they just want to cover their legal a*s.

You can buy antivirals online .

I wouldn’t recommend it. May be fake and harmful. There has been articles written warning this. I don’t want to be worse off. So many people have viruses, we should just put them in a kiosk for self serve! :wink: May be a questionnaire or instant test of symptoms to determine which one. ( some teenager invented a viral test that costs around 25.00 that tests all viruses we have been exposed to). Hah, save on healthcare costs.