I'm so far from fine. I'm tired of living like this. Trich c

I'm so far from fine. I'm tired of living like this. Trich controls most of the day. The thing that sucks about having Trich is that people think that it's as easy as "stop pulling your hair." I'm really hurt because my dad says horrible things about my Trich. He believes that this has nothing to do with any mental illness, that the devil has taken over my mind, that I am challenging God (cuz I stopped pulling but I started again) he calls me a demonic child. All this makes me sad but also pisses me off so his words results in me pulling my hair more. Nobody seems to understand Trich.

Omg, I'm so sorry that your dad treats you like that. Do you have any friends/family that know and is supportive? If not there's plenty of people on here that know exactly what you're going through. Trich sucks, it's hard, and it's so frustrating how some people can be. They think it's so easy to stop, and I'm like it's freakin hard! You wouldn't tell an alcoholic to just "stop drinking" because it's not that simple. Trich is the same way. I wish more people could understand. I'm here if you need to talk! ☺

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@Jade_ thank you so much! This is my first time taking part in a support group. And your reply itself makes me feel happy and cared for. Well , my mom is supportive of me. She does get very angry at times but she is against what my dad says.
But I really feefeel that I have hurt my parents. With them I am this teenage boy who is rebellious cause they don’t understand me. But deep inside I hate to see them so worried about me. I know I’ve hurt them …but I can’t show what I feel through my words or behaviour. Thanks for your concern :slight_smile:

I am so sorry that you don't have people that understand you. Especially your dad. Our parents are supposed to be the people that love us unconditionally and I really am sorry that he says those things about you. Know that he is wrong and you aren't doing anything wrong. Nobody understands trich unless they have it. People can be supportive definitely, but they don't truly understand the control is has over someone every day. Trich controls me every day too. But ever since I've gotten on this support group I've read people's stories and I believe it can get better. So keep your head high. We're all here for you.

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@Brysk thanks so much …this means a lot to me …knowing that I belong somewhere. :slight_smile:

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