I'm so happy to say I FELT happy today!

Well, since I've been consistently staying depressed and out of sorts for so long, out of the blue I had a sunshiny day....go figure! I spent most of the day with my son and his toddler daughter, came home, felt motivated (I hardly ever do), so I did boxing up of my things because I'm down to about a month from moving to my son's house with him....and I'm still in an "up" mood. This feels SO good and I'm going to thank God a whole lot with my prayers tonight and thank you to all of you who work really hard to pull me back up when I'm so far down. Maybe, just maybe, I'm starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel and I will then truly be like what I named myself....Eventually Sunshine!

Thanks for sharing the good day! I had a rare good day Sunday as well. Good luck with your move, try not to get overwhelmed with the packing and all. Here comes the Sun! Hope and prayers, John

I'm glad you had a good Sunday too, John! It's kind of funny, but when we get down and then have a good day, we think we're the luckiest people in the whole world....most people have good days all the time, I hope they don't take them for granted! I know I don't anymore, I'm thankful as can be when they come around!

We'll just keep hanging on and maybe our good days will start running together and wa-la....it will be rare for us to have a bad day!

Hugs to you John! Sunshine!

Oh that would be so awesome, to have a 'rare bad day'. Sigh... Bad people of the earth dumped too much on me today to handle. Yes, I agree, they have no idea how truly beautiful it is to have a good day when it is soo rare that they come.

Your message helped pick me up. Guess that is the goal huh?

Thanks for the hugs, here is some back. Stay happy as long as you can, and I want to hear about it!

Ha! That's for sure!! If we could run all our GOOD days together we'd be freakin' "normal" again! At least I think we would, but lets not forget some people say "normal" is highly overrated, nonetheless I say bring on the "normal" for me! I use to be the bubbliest, happiest person anyone could imagine. I just plain lost myself, but I plan to find that gal again because she was a whole lot of fun and always the life of the party LOL!!!!

Maybe with summer around the corner, lots of sunny days, it will just happen naturally....the doom and gloom will disappear and the cheeriness will take over! Sunshine!

Here comes the sun, I say, its all right.

Keep your mainstream 'normal', yes agreed, overrated. I'll cherish my quirks, and long for the good days mixed in with the rest of the madness.

I wuz the life of the party too, happy drunk fallen down sideways still hitting trip bulls. Next day bartender gives us our darts from behind the cig machine, and wherever else they went, but we were all very happy.

Summer is here for us in FL, came about a month ago, and I love it! Warm Sun on my aching back. Working outside at night shorts and tank top. Walking in the warm sand barefoot. Now just to get rid of some physical pain, and I can get the boat out for the first time this year. Love the water!

Let the cheeriness take over!

You are very lucky John, Summer started here Sunday!!! hehehe Truly Minnesota has been cold, rainy and windy forever. I can't remember what the news was saying last week but it was something about the last 80 degree, sunny day was over 8 months ago!! Let's hope God has an unbelievably great summer and fall planned for us!!

I MIGHT plant some flower seeds tomorrow and put in the glad bulbs. We had frost again last night so I haven't even planted any tomaotes, peppers, petunias etc.... I am going to load the gardens up with lots of annuals though so I am excited about that!!!

As you know already sunshine, I had a great day yesterday but pain has taken me to the floor tonight. I was hoping for some more work out of this bod tonight, but that's no longer in the cards but that's ok... I saw my primary doc today and she put me on strick bedrest for the next couple days... but if I'm feeling better tomorrow I will be out there again!! So, I'm taking tonight to rest and medicate to slow the muscle spasms. I'm even having the spasms in my feet!!??? rofl I'm a basket case!!! I don't want people worrying about me though. These are the trade offs I make with my body all the time. I do feel that I could likely be able to have more mobility and less pain tomorrow. If not, I'll ask for help.

Tonight, I'm enjoying life going through my TUB of seeds. LOL I literally have an 18 gallon but full of seeds!! I'm like a kid in a candy store!!!

sending hugs, Suzee

Oh, oh Suzee! I think you better stay in your bed like the doctor said to! I had a feeling you were doing too much and it was too hard on your body, I know you're dying to get out there and get to putting in flowers, but you don't want to pay a high price for it and feel even worse if you don't let your body rest up to where it should be before you start again. What am I going to do with you??!!! You're so determined LOL!!!!! If I had half your get-up-and-go attitude I can't imagine what I would be getting done....I'm bad!!!!!

Sleep tight tonight, I hope you can sleep all the way through the night, and think about being a good girl and following doctor's orders! Hugs to you! Sunshine!

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