I'm so lost, lonely and a little depressed! I just want to

I'm so lost, lonely and a little depressed!! I just want to be heard and understood. To keep from hurting anyone's feelings at home I keep it all inside yet not realizing the harm I'm doing to myself mentally and emotionally. One thing my husband told me and it's SO hard to "forget" is when he used the words "you gotta try harder". That's hurts just typing it out. He didn't mean it the way I took it and I'm sure a lot of you can relate to this I'm about to say... It's almost as if you're illness can't be "seen" so to speak it doesn't exist to others that don't understand. However that's what I deal with and it hurts SO bad! That feeling when you just want to hug someone you're close to and just cry?.? Yea that's exactly what's happening now. I just don't even know where to start at this point. I have a hard time because I take in everything from my family goes through and most of the time affects me more so than the other. I've always been one that others could count on to talk to, encourage, and be there no matter time day or night. Then here I sit alone thinking now where's everyone? Just some things I needed to get out.

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We're the types that are there for everyone but when we need help, we find out who our friends really are. And it is eye opening. Hugs & hang in there.

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