Im so stressed out with things that im dealing with personal

Im so stressed out with things that im dealing with personally and health wise and my mom isn't making things easier. Here's a back story , I moved to nevada in 2016 bcus things wasnt working out with my childs father and I. While staying with her i slept in the living room with my baby and tried to get a job but didnt gave a sitter even tho my mom did child care but she said she couldn't baby sit her 4month granddaughter and do childcare for 3 elementary schooo kids at the same time.As time go by i end up moving with my brother and his gf bcus my mom decided to just up and move to California with my grandma and she took my sibilings with her. So towards the end of 2018 my brother and his gf split and they go their separate ways and now my mom decided to move back to nevads but doesn't want to go back to where she use to stay bcus of the area mind u this is the same area she left me and my child to live before she left. So long story short my brother moves out and let My mom , 3 siblings ages 19, 20, and 16 come and stay . I didnt mind bcus this time i had my own room and space and also would need help with the rent. Things been going ok i started working bcus she said she would baby sit on the days she doesnt work which was great but its like we're the only ones paying for everything. She doesn't set rules for my siblings at all, they don't even have chores. They leave trash inside the house overnight and the dishes stay dirty. Every time i try to tell them something she gets a attitude and say that ive been acting like this is my place which im confused because i was here first. So today i started making breakfast. I sat my 2 year old on the kitchen counter while i was getting things out the cabinet and she got mad saying that im trying to irritate her on purpose by sitting my daughter on the counter because its germy . I told her its not a big deal and nothing to be irritated about and then she just started a huge argument about me sitting my daughter on the counter and how its not normal and that it bring germs so then i told her how could she really be upset about that when she does not make my siblings who are young adult's clean up after themselves? She responded that she was going to just get her own place so she wont have to worry about things like this. I just honestly feel like my mom never liked me . Im her only daughter out of 6 kids total and i would think we'd be closer. She has never been there for me like she is with my brothers and its just weird. I use to get sad but now i dont care i just stay in my room with my daughter to stay distant. Im focusing on getting a better job so i could just move even tho i was here first but i just feel disrespected honestly because i pay rent and so does she but she doesnt expect anyone else too or even try to make them get a job .

I'm sorry you are having to take on so many things at one time. It's got to be hard providing for your daughter, working, keeping house, and dealing with roommates. It sounds like you are handling things in a very mature manner. Have you considered writing out all your feelings and concerns, so you can talk to your mom? I find it helpful to write everything down so I can sort through my emotions and organize my thoughts. Then perhaps you might be able to sit down with your mother and read from your notes. I don't know if this would improve anything, but it's a thought. Please post back and let us know how you're doing.

@justamomof2 thanks for the advice i really appreciate it and will try writing my issues out.