I'm somewhat emotional at times, to be expected- I'm told. 4

I'm somewhat emotional at times, to be expected- I'm told. 4 wks out as rbk amputee. Scabs beginning to fall off surgical site. Severe phantom pains especially at night,usually subsides at 4am. Lyrica doesn't seem to work. Just try to catch up on sleep when I can. I am positive when family and friends visit but sometimes I just want to be left alone. Haven't 'grieved' yet as to the loss of my foot. Just riding this out in my wheelchair and waiting to see a prosthetic. Dr.

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Thank you it really means a lot,

I'm currently 4 weeks out from a RBKA as well from a car accident in 2018. I'm having the same phantom pains at night the seem to let up around 4am. I'm curious if yours have improved and what you have found helpful

Currently in about 8 almost 9 months post up. Unfortunately I am still having phantom pains-gabapentin works for keeping me asleep once I finally do get to sleep. Massaging works throughout the day-sometimes I can find the nerve that feels like my toes and massage that-ans since I've gotten my prosthetic daytime phantom pains arent that bad- but they are still there. And when rain is coming I find the pains are serious- massage once again. So I'm sorry I can't give a solution but the gabapentin does work - I only take at night cause they do make me tired, but if its really bad during day I do sometimes take one.