I'm struggling really bad, I binged really bad last night an

I'm struggling really bad, I binged really bad last night and then purged so bad, I've been awake all night and coughing as my throat hurts really bad. I was bleeding so much last night, I feel so down, I've not taken my diabetes medicine for 2days I'm getting pains shooting up and down my legs and my right leg foot feels a bit numb. I'm fed up of everything my stomach hurts so much I just want to cut it all out just want the pain to stop

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please treat yourself more gently..you deserve it. can you substitute something you love for the food eg hobby..so you transfer your energy outward rather than inward

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@Dana15 thank u for responding back it means a lot to me that u care, I was doing so good and its all gone really nad in the last 48 hours, I’ve not had councilling for 2 weeks as its been Xmas next session is next Thursday I dont really know what I’m doing anymore my life seems such a mess and the only person to blame is me !

Hi Decentguy, it’s been quite a while since you last posted on our group website. Sorry you’re feeling so poorly now. The holidays tend to be challenging for everyone, especially those of us that have eating disorders. Dependable schedules change, tempting foods are all around us, and we may be feeling a little more depressed. It’s all part of the holiday thing so you must be a little more kind with yourself as no one can be more helpful in this situation than ourselves. Why aren’t you taking your diabetic medications? I’m assuming you’re already having some residuals from your disease with the pain in your legs etc. Why make things worse? As far as the vomiting goes, when you have an urge to vomit, it’s only a feeling and it can’t hurt you. Yes, it’s an intense feeling but it only last for a short period. You have to ask yourself “Do I want to strengthen my vomiting habit or strengthen my good health. You’re making your choice to continue hurting yourself right now. Sometimes, it helps to look at the big picture. Yes, your going to get a transitory relief when you choose to vomit. All the feelings of stress will subside for a short period. Then what will happen? You’ll probably start condemning yourself for taking the easy way out, damaging your self esteem, feeling shame for your actions, not to mention causing all the physical damage to your esophagus and teeth. What do you want to strengthen, your disorder muscle which gives just a few minutes of relief followed by feelings of guilt, shame and physical damage to your body or your healthy self which is trying to get your life back but is being pushed back by your angry destructive eating disordered self. Try to look at the bigger picture when you feel like hurting yourself. Hugs

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@certifiedangus thank u for your kind words you always give good advice. I just feel so down at the moment I’m just tired of everything

Yes I just took them now, on top of everything else I seem to had a really bad chesty cough and I think I've got the flu ! I want this year to be different and i want to change have a normal life and be happy

I am also a binge eater.(dx with Binge Eating Disorder). I also have diabetes. I am so out of control right now.I want to start the whole 30. I just need to get a grip on everything somehow.

Bingeing is really hard if your a diebetic I get really bad mood swings and I get really down and so tired I cant get out of bed. My doctor put me on vicotzia about 5 months ago that helps when I binge badly but the thing is not to binge in the first place. Its such a stupid thing to do so I don't know why I do it ? I am getting professional help at the moment but I'm still struggling

@decentguy That is great you are in therapy. I am Bipolar too so I am on those meds as well. ( I know I am a mess). I see my psychiatrist once a month and my therapist once a week (sometimes 2 depending on how I am doing). My psychiatrist has mentioned she wants to try putting me on vyvanse but she wants my a1c to go down more and me to get stabilized.

@redlipstick Are you currently eating three meals daily with planned snacks? That causes a feeding every three to four hours so real hunger doesn’t cause eating challenges. Establishing a regular pattern of eating three small meals with planned snacks helps to train the brain that eating occurs as regular and dependable times during the day, and allows you to use these regular feedings as platforms to successfully continue through your day. Your challenge is to use various strategies to avoid eating in between these feeding platforms.