I'm struggling with independence. I want to be out on my own

I'm struggling with independence. I want to be out on my own so bad, but I can't seem to hold a job. I get so afraid of my coworkers. They make me uncomfortable, even if they are nice people. I can be too open, and then they see my outbursts. I get upset so easily. My mind will not stop making up stories of the bad things people think of me. I know it's all in my head, but it will not stop. The self harm sets in, then I want to restart. I want everyone to forget about me. I quit my job, block all numbers and start again.

I finally have a job that I can handle. It is a minimum wage cashiering job.
Currently in a struggle with a coworker being very cold, and unsympathetic toward me. I opened up to him, and when we had an argument he came into work treating me like a child. Now he glares and gives me the cold shoulder. As we all know, rejection is a huge trigger! I scratched up my face and thought nothing but how I should die. Over a kid acting like a high schooler! I can't believe I opened up to someone, and they turn around and treat me so poorly, over one mistake. I even apologized, but he is such a bully. I don't want to quit my job because of this. How do I deal with him? How do I stay okay at work, so I quit sinking so low?

Even if you don't feel tough inside..you have to act it. In future only share your problems with family or close friends..people you know who will support you. What you have to do now is act the opposite of sensitive. If you do get upset for some reason (but try not to) go to the bathroom where no one can see you. Don't be friendly towards this man anymore but be professional. Do the job well, look busy, keep your head down but be confident. Above all...don't show your hand to anyone...at work.

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