I'm terrified of my own body. It's a terrible feeling. I wis

I'm terrified of my own body. It's a terrible feeling. I wish I could jump out of my skin. I shouldn't feel the way I do because I'm not terribly overweight but I feel so fat. I've only gained about 5 or 10 pounds but it feels like so much more than that... I hate looking in the mirror yet I'm spending way too much time doing so. I know I shouldn't be upset about such a small problem that can be changed over time but I can't shift my focus...

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why are you terrified?

I'm terrified of how ugly I feel and how ugly I think I look. I feel like I'm in someone else's body. I know it might sound like a "first world"/ or a "white girl" problem, but I can't help hating how I look and feel... it's silly and stupid but I can't help it

@lstarrchild i can’t help with the core issue, but don’t give yourself crap over having distorted perceptions. Problems which occur because of issues with our perceptions and our mind can be very painful too and aren’t in any way morally bad just because of how they are.

put your pic up...I bet you get compliments

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Thank you so much northguy. I'm glad you understand, I wish more people thought the way you did

your beautiful...whats the problem?? ok that might be insensitive...but you are