I'm thinking about posting here and there to maybe give ever

I'm thinking about posting here and there to maybe give everybody here, especially the new people in this group, a look into what OCD can and will do to people. When I first joined this group, there was maybe 5200 members... Now there's more than 6060 members. This means more and more people are looking at it, even if its just a glance, its good!. For the new members, its best if you get yourself into a psychologist who's an OCD specialist, and maybe contact OCDLA. I'm currently waiting on a waiting list for one and I'll probably get seen no later than late February (hopefully, keeping my fingers crossed!). Another thing to do is accept the uncertainty "the doubting disease" brings, I'm having trouble totally grasping it all the time. Depression seems to be a huge factor for some people, even myself. I've tried taking Zoloft but that just made me angry and even more depressed, I'm not saying don't look into SSRI meds but look into it if you wanna go that direction. Intrusive thoughts that last a while can make you "numb", I believe I've gotten to this point. And idk about other sufferers but I find it hard to keep motivated, humble, and happy everyday. It's gotten to the point where i have very little drive for college and my high school diploma (I'm a senior in high school) and its really depressing because I have to tell myself daily to hang in there, even if this is permanent and if I get suicide thoughts. To one sufferer to another, just hang in there

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Same I am really depressed after u stated ERP ... I watched a video on Ingrid Wilson one of the best youtubers or was the best YouTuber she made a coming out video and she said that she said she tried to date guys so she wouldn't have to admit I'm gay and that freaked me out I've felt numb since hen and i will forget about it for a little bit when I'm with my friend but it will all come rushing back like do I like this person... Before I would never think here things and it's starting to make me believe I'm gay because everytime I see a pretty girl I get a gronial reliance and I have to stop lookin but then I look more and more because I'm telling myself not to look :( it's not fun I have clarity moment where I picture a baby laying in my chest and a husband coming home from work ... That's what makes me happy kids and boys ... If I was ever to be gay I think I would have would quit because I like guys too much and I would feel left out from the fun